Polymer modified bitumen shingles

P olymer modified bitumen shingles are high quality, efficient type of roofing material suitable for all types of roofs. Produced by double impregnation quality modified bitumen with APP / atactic polypropylene / healthy, flexible and rot-proof base of reinforced glass fiber - 80 g / m2. Their upper part is covered with colored mineral slate / shale / in five basic colors: gray, green, red, melange gray, green and red to black.
P olymer modified bitumen shingles are laid on sloping roofs, mounted on a dry, clean, planking smooth. Boards need to be tightly arranged with uniform thickness and maximum width of 200 mm. The strips are fastened with nails with large heads, their ends fusing a small gas burner, nailed over each groove as nail passes through two thicknesses of shingles. Slope over 60 degrees polymer modified bitumen shingles are nailed additional 200-300 mm from the top. Under roof with a slope of 18 degrees is necessary underlay of waterproofing membrane:

  • Bitumina - 58
  • Breathable membrane - SALAMBO /waterproof underlay/
  • IZOFLEKS - 58 | 2 kg. without protective slate
  • POLITEX - AKV | 2,5 kg. without protective slate

J oined by an overlap of 100 mm. Any additional elements / gutters, flashings and others. /, Which are made under cover of ordinary shingles are installed before nailing of polymer modified bitumen shingles. Strips of the first row are placed in the grooves facing upwards or placed webbing. The lower end has to cover the gutter. The next line covers the first and adheres completely. The following lines are fixed by their ends fusing with a small gas burner.
IMPORTANT : Polymer modified bitumen roof shingles are glued on the actors and smooth boarding (boards or waterproof plywood).
Required extra materials for laying of bitumen polymer modified shingle:

  • Nails with a wide head (galvanized or coated) with a length up to 25 mm
  • In a small slope of the pitched roof / under 18 degrees / polymer modified bitumen in shingles is recommended laying the underlay raincoat / protective membrane based on bitumen, reinforced with soda, krafotva paper or a glass fiber with round holes in it /
  • In steep slope or vertical cladding using an additional amount of nails.

Name Unit Result
Mass of bitumen (extraction)
g / m
1450 ± 45
Dimensions: -width, W

-height, H
998 ± 0.5

340 ± 0.5
Tensile strength:

- In the direction of the width, W

- In the direction of the height, H
N / 50 mm

620 ± 18

405 ± 4
Resistance to tearing a stem of a nail
140 ± 4
Water absorption
0,5 ± 0.02
Resistance to blistering
No visible pores
Resistance to flowing at elevated temperature
At 90 ° C

Traction of mineral grains (adhesion of slate)
0,9 ± 0.03
Base from glass fiber
g / m2
80 g / m2 effortlessly threads