Breathable Membrane SALAMBO® (Perforations)

W aterproofing - underlay, perfect drainage may form money on heating screed, before laying the roll waterproofing can be applied Breathable Membrane - SALAMBO® . Used for the removal of moisture in the boards in making waterproofing flat roofs, terraces, floor tiles, as a first layer under the main waterproofing. Laid horizontally over the entire area (with a small flame heating) on a pre-prepared (primed) surfaces before the main layers of bitumen waterproofing, asphalt, ceramic or other tiles. The membrane is factory-made round holes. The first layer of primary insulation adheres to the base of the cover only in the region of the openings and through the unglued sections moisture released in the boards into the atmosphere.

Roll Width
1 m
Roll Length
15 m
Reinforcement - glass veil
80 gr/m2
Tensile strength longitudinal / transverse
350/250 N/5cm
Elongation .
Heat resistance
Flexibility at low temperatures
Modification of bitumen
Coated on both sides
polyethylene film 0.7 microns